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How I improved my backup strategies using TrueNAS Scale

August 18, 2023


1 min read

In my previous blog post How do I backup my websites, and why should I improve, I described how I backup my websites.

In that article, I mentioned some problems with my backup plans. Since then I deployed a local NAS in my home using TrueNAS and improved my backup plans.

Redaundent storage using Raid-1

The first improvement is my Raid-1 configuration for backup storage. This means that in the event of one of my drives failing, I can restore my backed-up files from the other disk.

Object storage backup

One missing part of my backup process was the object storage. Thanks to TrueNAS, I can easily backup my object storage files using TrueNAS Data Protection Cloud Sync Task. It will sync my object storage files with my Local NAS.

Gickup for git backup

Another service that I run is Gickup, which backup all my remote git repositories to my local NAS.

One last thing: Backup health check

Right now, I backup multiple things like my Databases, Object Storage, and git repositories. I need to check the integrity of the backup files.