Microsoft going to kill Windows Mail here is the best replacement

January 7, 2024


1 min read

I have a habit of checking all my email and message notifications first thing in the morning to ensure that there are no unread notifications, as I find them distracting. For years, I have been relying on Windows Mail to manage my emails. I have tried other email clients in the past, but I always end up coming back to Windows Mail because of its simplicity, speed, and snappiness.

However, Microsoft plans to discontinue Windows Mail and replace it with Outlook, which I find to be less efficient. Although Microsoft claims that Windows Mail will be available until the end of 2024, the pop-up messages about this have been bothering me. Sometimes, the app even switches automatically to Outlook, which is frustrating. Therefore, I have decided to switch to a new email client sooner rather than later.

After trying several options, including Mozilla Thunderbird, the Nextcloud mail app, and Microsoft Outlook, I finally found Mailspring. This free and open-source email client is exactly what I was looking for. It's snappy, performs well, and supports background checks for new mail. Moreover, just like Windows Mail, it respects the Dark Mode setting.

If you are a fan of Windows Mail's speed and simplicity, you will surely love Mailspring.

You can download it from here: